Different Types of Hacky Sacks


Different Types of Hack Sacks


Do you want a metal filled hacky sack or a bean filled? What about that cool looking knit bag? There are a lot of different options to choose from when want to pick out a hacky sack. Especially as a beginner, this can become overwhelming pretty quick. We are going to simplify as much as possible. Here are a few things to consider that will help you decide what footbag you want to buy.


Let’s discuss your hacky sack environment, and then break down different options.

How many people do you usually play with?

When you are playing with a group of people, usually this means your hacky sack is going to get kicked more often each session. Also, the bag will probably be hitting the ground and being thrown around a bit more. This is something to consider. If you usually play in or circle or with a bunch of friends, it might be a good idea to purchase something a little less expensive. I have seen some hacky sacks go through hell in some of the circles I’ve been in. Also, depending on which hacky sack games you’re playing, you might want to change what kind of bag you’re using. Unless you like to inflict pain by throwing a metal filled hacky sack at a person..

A good suggestion for group play would be either a bean/pellet filled knit bag, or a sand filled bag. The bean filled bag with bounce more and be harder to stall, but these are usually cheaper and can be repaired easier. These also tend to help beginners learn how to control the footbag. These are pretty cheap and will stand up to a good amount of damage. A sand-filled hacky sack has a bit more weight to it and will flatten a bit easier. This allows for easier stalls, and still maintains some good pop. These do rip at the stitches a bit quicker in our experience. That being said, we used a sand filled Sandmaster (find in our store for $8) and it worked well for us. We loved that thing..


Solo Practice and Tricks?

For more intermediate and advanced players, you might be at the point where you want to learn more difficult hacky sack tricks. This demands a bit higher quality bag that is easier to stall with control and still pops well. For this, we would suggest either a sand/gravel bag, or a metal filled hacky sack. These options will give the bag a bit more weight, making it easier to stall and control. The sand bag will flatten and still holds enough weight to get the job done.


To Simplify…

Hacky Sack Fillings:


Lighter and “pop” easier. Not good for stalling. These are great for beginners or circles because it will pop higher and which allows more kicks. Some say they bounce more true and help beginners learn how to control better. Knit bags will break-in after extensive use.


Heavier than bean filled and tend to flatten a bit more which makes these a better choice for stalls. They do have some pop still, but are not as easy to control as a bean filled. These are easier to repair and refill if needed.


The heaviest of the 3 and are great for stalling. Because of the weight, these aren’t the greatest to get high pops, but are good if you are experienced and can handle a footbag pretty well already.



Number of Panels:

The number of panels is completely personal preference. As a beginner, I truly didn’t know the difference. The more panels you have, the more shape your hacky sack will hold. If you have a higher panel footbag, it will hold its shape which will allow it to keep some “pop” and may not be as good for stalling as a lower panel. The lower panel bags will flatten easier which makes them better for stalling. Take into consideration what filling the bag has too. each combination will have its own traits. A 9 panel metal bag will act complete differently than a sand-filled 120 panel.



Finally, the price! The beauty is, you can get any fantastic style hacky sack for under about $20! Like anything else, you get what you pay for, and some companies sell some that go for about $40! Find what style hacky sack you want, and then start researching different prices and make a decision based on your budget. Knit bags are usually the cheapest. Stitched bags are higher quality and are more expensive.


This should get you started in the right direction and help you decide what type of hacky sack you want to get. If you have any questions, contact us!







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