Hacky Sack Tricks


How to do Hacky Sack Tricks For Beginners

There are SO many different hacky sack tricks, sometimes it’s hard to swallow. To make the list of different easier to navigate, I’m going to break them down into 3 lists; Basic hacky sack tricks, intermediate and advanced.For these basic footbag tricks, I’m going to utilize a very informative youtube channel to help illustrate these tricks. This way, you can get a full explanation and demonstration of these tricks. Let’s get started!

Basic kicks-

These are the first moves you’ll learn when you start hacky sacking. Broken down simply, basic hacky sack kicks would include Inside and outside kicks with your feet. This means there are 4 different basic hacky sack kicks. Left-Inside, Left-outside, Right-inside, and right-outside. You can include front kicks/flicks in this category as well to make 6 basic kicks. Check out the different types of hacky sacks that may make it easier to master control with these kicks.


Stalls are a very important aspect to hacky sack. These actions allow you to stabilize the footbag and get ready for the next move/trick. You can do stalls with basically any body part. Put simply, a stall is when you get the hacky sack to rest in place. Most often, stalls happen on the toes of the shoe, and are then “flicked” up to start another trick, or pass the footbag to another person.

Around the World-

Around the world is a staple trick in freestyle hacky sack. The trick typically starts with a toe stall. Flick the hacky sack into the air and then circle that same foot around the footbag before catching it with again with another foot stall.

Leg Over-

The leg over is similar to Around the World. Think of it like the around the world trick, but with the opposite leg. Flick the footbag from your foot stall and “hop” your opposite leg over and around it. To end this trick, the footbag then lands on that foot.


The mirage is a variation of the leg over. But, instead of the footbag landing on your opposite foot, it lands back on the same foot.

Clipper Stall-

The clipper stall is arguably one of the most important tricks when it comes to freestyle footbag. The clipper stall is a stall on the side of your foot that is behind your other leg. This trick is incorporated into almost every single freestyle footbag routine.


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