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Circle Hacky Sack

When it comes to all the different hacky sack games (also known as footbag) is playing footbag in a circle. This is the “typical” game players mean when they say “hacky sack.” This hacky sack game is usually played best with more than 2 players. Everyone stands in a circle and tries to keep the hack(the footbag) off the ground for as long as possible. The round starts when one person takes the hack and serves it to another player. Once the hacky sack is served, hands become off limits. Although the ultimate goal is to continue to keep the footbag off the ground, if every player touches the footbag without it touching the ground, it is called a “Hack.” Along the same lines, if every player touches the footbag twice before it hits the ground, you guessed it, it’s called a “double-hack.” So on and so forth. There are many different terms used depending on your social circle. My friends and I usually use the term “hack” to describe the footbag.

Variations and rules in circle hacky sack are abundant and spontaneously created. The beauty of playing hacky sack with your friends is being making guidelines specially catered to your group. The most basic hacky sack “rule” is to respect all other players. Although there are a few “official” hacky sack rules in this environment, the most important one is no using your hands, unless you are picking it up after it hits the ground. Some circles have an unwritten rule that there is no apologizing when a person drops the footbag. Note- Serving yourself the footbag at the start the game is a party foul! Common courtesy is going to be your best guide line. The closest person to the footbag should pick it up and try not to hog the footbag (usually called a hack-hog) Sometimes it takes a few hits to get the footbag under control before passing it on, but once you do, try to get it over to someone who hasn’t gotten it in awhile. Don’t forget, racking up those multi-hacks can DEFINITELY be used for bragging rights.

In my experience, most circles are very open to new players joining in and will not judge anyone for being less coordinated or well practiced than the rest. Also, if your circle just gets too big (if there is such a thing) it’s as easy as splitting up into smaller circles, if you have another footbag.

Footbag Net

The easiest way to describe footbag net is by saying that it is basically volleyball with a hacky sack. Also very similiar to Sepak Takraw. The play area is much smaller than that of a volleyball court. But they do use the same “old-style” volleyball scoring system. (a player must be serving to score). During serves, the footbag needs to go diagonally, like tennis. Footbag net is usally played to 11 or 15 points, and the winner’s have to win by 2. moves in footbag net look a lot like volleyball (example bump, set, and spike), Although spiking is much more difficult do to the inverted position in mid-air to get their foot over the net. Depending on the level of play, they usually have an “upper body foul” which normally starts about the shin area.

Freestyle footbag

Freestyle Footbag is a sport in which the doing the most complex tricks with the footbag is the ultimate goal. The flow of the hack is extremely important and thought out. The ending position of one trick becomes the beginning of the next. This freestyle take on footbags has crossed over with players’ love for music. Some have started to choreograph routines to music, doing difficult moves in sync with the music to make awesome performances.  These tricks include some of the more advanced hacky sack tricks like stalls, flicks, wraparounds, cornava’s etc. (I will go over different footbag tricks in another post.) They even have World Championship Footbag competitions if you are interested in going into competitive freestyle footbag. They are hosting the 38th Annual Championship this August.




This game is soccer with a twist and was invented in Australia in 2007. Each team has to juggle the footbag across the court and score a goal. The goal is usually a small circle container. Australia holds 2 annual Championships.


This hacky sack game variation is used in many different sports. One of the players performs any freestyle move then passes it on to the next player. The next player has to perform the footbag trick. If they perform the trick correctly then that player performs a different move of their choice, and then passes it on like a train.  If he/she fails to do the move then they get a letter “H” and passes it on to the next player who chooses a new trick. If they fail to perform the next trick given to them, they get an “O.” So on and so forth. When a player spells the word “Horse” they are out and the remaining players battle it out.


Hack Slap

I know what you’re thinking.. This game does not involve slapping someone when they drop it. Though, you can make that a rule for your personal hacky sack game if you like. This game is a variation of circle hacky sack and is played with 4 or more people. the objective is to keep the hacky sack off the ground at all costs-other than using your hands. Each person has their “slice” of the circle. The footbag gets hit around the circle and if a player drops the footbag, fails to continue it to the next players slice, or fails to hit it vertically (usually a line drive hit towards another player) they are eliminated. Last player standing wins.


This is a good footbag game to play when you have a huge number of people in your hacky sack circle. It is played just like a normal circle game of hacky sack. The footbag goes around randomly and the ultimate goal is to keep it going indefinitely. If the hack lands on the ground near another player who could have hit it (usually agreed on by other players in the circle), that player is eliminated. If the hack lands out of range of any player, and no one could’ve reasonably hit it then the player who kicked it is eliminated. You can add more difficult rules to this. For example, any player who lifts up their foot in attempt to kick it is eliminated.

Numbers Catch

This game is usually played best with 3-4 people. Depending on skill level, you can add more rules to make it more or less difficult. Each player takes a turn to juggle the hack sack as many times as possible in a row. But, they have to catch the footbag at the end for the points to count. If they drop the footbag is dropped the player must subtract those points from his/her score. You can either play to a certain score limit, or whoever has the most points within a time limit.

Number circle

This is a hacky sack good game when you are trying to practice juggling the footbag better. One player starts with 1. Once they hit it 1 time, they pass it to the person next to them. The next player then has to hit it 2 times. The next 3, and so on. Keep juggling and pass it on until someone fails to get their number. That person is eliminated and the next player starts with that same number. Last person standing wins!


I’m not sure if this is an official hacky sack game, but it’s one my friends and I played quite often. You start off like any normal circle until someone drops it. We had two variations on what comes next. One variation was whenever someone dropped the footbag, whoever’s fault it was, had to turn around and stand still. The other player who is closest to the footbag would then step back and throw the hacky sack as the standing person’s back as hard as they could. The catch with this variation was, if that player who threw the footbag missed the player’s back, the person who originally dropped the footbag would then get a chance to throw it at that player’s back with no consequences of missing. Think of it as a footbag version of Quarter’s or bloody knuckles.

The second variation on this game that we played was when the footbag was dropped in the circle, everyone would rush to try and pick the footbag up. This created an epic brawl towards the hacky sack. Whoever was able to eventually pick it up, would then turn and try to throw it at any other player. Once one person picked up the hacky sack though, everyone else would run in any direction. The person who had the footbag could not move. If they hit someone with the footbag, they would get a point. If they missed, they lost a point. This made it have a certain strategic aspect to it. For example, sometimes, some players would not rush the hacky sack because they knew if they didn’t get it, they would be dangerously close to the thrower. We played to a certain, usually low number.

Air War

This is another game that can be played with any number of players and is similiar to our game explained before this. The footbag is served up in the circle and after a predetermined amount of hits everyone tries to catch it. This is one gametype where hack-hogging is pretty common as there is no rule on disbursing the hack to achieve the number. The person who catches the footbag then throws it at one of the other players who try to either dodge or catch it. Just like dodgeball, if they get hit, they are out. But if they catch the throw, the thrower is out. The game can be played with any number of outs, or single elimination.


Well, if you’re still with me, I applaud you. As you can see, there are ENDLESS amounts of hacky sack games. Try them out and let us know how you like them! Also, comment or subscribe to our site to let us know about any other games I may have left out of the list!


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